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Spoon Me Sweetly

Discovering new ideas and products and then seeing people fulfilling those ideas is thrilling. We love to see what people are bringing to market and their area of expertise. Sometimes products come out and although they have been done, there is something different about the new ones, a unique touch or change to the normal characteristics of a product.

For example, we came across a nugget of yummy-ness through Artisanal LA – A marketplace made up of the finest artisans, makers and chefs Los Angeles has to offer!

Spoon Me Sweetly

Spoon Me Sweetly Bag

This wonderfully sweet and tasty boutique makes candy dipped spoons with flavor infused sugar as well as kettle corn, delicious treats, custom-made favors for special occasionshandmade invitations and stationery. I love the idea of the candy dipped spoons for favors or even a dozen as a hostess gift. Or maybe just for me  🙂

Spoon Me Sweetly Spoons

We can’t get over the sweetness of this boutique and are looking forward to seeing more from Spoon Me Sweetly.

📷 : Spoon Me Sweetly

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